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Infant Found Abandoned in Hurst Dumpster


Hurst-Euless-Bedford, Texas. June 23, 2018

The Hurst Police Department is continuing the investigation into the circumstances where a newborn infant was found abandoned in a dumpster behind a local restaurant last Friday morning on June 15, 2018. H

urst Police and Fire Department personnel responded to the Souper Salad restaurant located at 914 Melborne Road to investigate an employee's report that another co-worker possibly just had a miscarriage and was later seen carrying a bag out to the dumpster. Medics arrived onscene and began treating the 28 year old female employee, who had recently given birth in the restroom.

Officers began looking behind the restaurant and were able to locate a newborn infant male inside a plastic garbage bag at the bottom of one of the trash dumpsters.

The infant was awake and crying and was later transported to a local hospital and is currently listed in good condition. The female employee was also later transported to a local hospital for treatment connected with childbirth. Her identity is being witheld at this time due to the on-going investigation, where we anticipate criminal charges will soon be filed.

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